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Bates All Purpose 17" Adjustable Black

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Bates All Purpose 17" Adjustable Black

Black 17" Leather Bates Adjustable Gullet GP Saddle - USED

Model: All Purpose Opulence

  • HART filled panels
  • Broad bearing area that achieves a large footprint on the horses back with a wide gullet for generous spine clearance
  • Deeper seat for added security and confidence
  • Narrow twist for closer contact allowing the rider to sit into the saddle rather than on it
  • Ergonomic Stirrup Bar enables the roller of the tongue on the buckle to be recessed into the bar and sit flush significantly reducing the bulk under the riders leg
  • Easy Change Fit Solution
  • If you require a specific gullet width fitted into the saddle please get in touch before placing an order and if we have the required width in stock we will happily change it FREE of charge!

RRP: £1549.00

In Excellent Condition - see pictures

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