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Over 300 high quality second hand and used saddles.

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Quality secondhand and used saddles

Sheepham Saddles is an established business offering a good range of quality used and secondhand saddles. Having experienced first-hand the difficulties often involved with buying and selling a secondhand saddle, the team here at Sheepham Saddles we will offer you a hassle free service.

With our easy step by step options to sell your existing saddles and our 5 day return policy to ensure you are happy with your new choice. Sheepham Saddles will look after you from start to finish on your quest to finding your next used or secondhand saddle.

We thoroughly inspect all the saddles prior to offering them for sale. Each inspection includes checking the trees for straightness and damage, all the stitching is intact, the girth straps for wear and then we give the saddle a professional clean, oil and conditioning. Ensuring each and every saddle arrives in great condition.


DRESSAGE SADDLE –  designed to support the rider in a longer leg position with long flaps, prominent knee block and deeper seat.
JUMP SADDLE – supporting the rider in a shorter leg position with shorter flap length but much more forward cut with knee blocks. As a result the cantle is square and often flatter in the seat than a General Purpose (GP) saddle.
PONY SADDLES –  a pony saddle is specially developed to give young riders a very comfortable and supportive seat for confidence in the saddle.
GENERAL PURPOSE or GP SADDLE – for riders who like to do a bit of everything. Hence, the flaps are forward cut enough for jumping whilst being long enough for schooling and flatwork.
ADJUSTABLE GULLET SADDLES – most adjustable saddles involve interchangeable steel gullet plates, which are sold separately or in complete sets. In addition, the saddles are opened horizontally at the pommel area to allow access to the tree. View our HOW TO guide to change a gullet on a Bates or Wintec saddle.

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Any used or second hand saddle purchased through this website comes with the Sheepham Saddles  5 day UK trial.

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Let us take all the stress and risk out of selling your saddle ensuring you get a fair price and guaranteed payment. We offer 3 selling options outright purchase, part exchange and commission

Latest Stock of Used & Second Hand Saddles

We have over 300 used and secondhand saddles in stock at any one time which is continually changing on a day by day basis.  In case you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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