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Help your customers effortlessly sell their unwanted saddles by offering a free listing on the Sheepham Saddles website. Any enquiries will be conveniently emailed directly from the "Saddle Fitter Booking Form". Additionally, facilitate the sale of old stock by utilising our packaging order form. You can also expand your inventory by taking our saddles on trial, extending your stock range and providing more options to your clients.

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Benefits of a Trade Account

  • Extend your own stock range  – with over 300 saddles in stock and many adjustables you can be sure we will have a selection of saddles for your customers.
  • Trade Discounts – sell over £3,000 and receive a 5% discount and 7.5% if you sell over £7,500 per calendar month.
  • Sell your stock – if you have stock that is too specialised or has been hanging around gathering dust why not let us sell them for you?
  • Help your customers sell unwanted saddles – if you do not want to exchange saddles with your customer, get them to contact us and 9 times out of 10 we should be able to stock and sell their saddle.
  • Fitting enquiries emailed from our popular “Saddle Fitter Booking form” – receive emails from our customers requiring their saddles to be professionally fitted in your area.

Terms & Conditions

  • Any 4 saddles can be taken on trial at any one time.
  • Extended trial period of 7 days.
  • Only pay for the saddles when you have sold them (no deposit required).
  • All shipping charges are the responsibility of Saddle Fitter and the fees per order are £15.00 for up to 2 saddles and £25.00 for up to 4 saddles. The fee covers both outward bound and return to Sheepham Saddles after the 7 days if unsold.
  • Your account is billable at the end of every month or when a saddle is sold with payment due by return.
  • The trade discounts apply to the total sales for any given month. Receive a 5% discount when you sell over £3,000 and 7.5% when your sales reach £5,000 per calendar month.
  • The Trade Account is by invitation only and we reserve the right to withdraw the credit at any time.
  • It is the Saddle Fitters responsibility to return the saddles in the same condition they arrived in and are liable for any damage.
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