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Black Country

Words we use to descibe Black Country saddles – Quality – Well made – Stylish – Super comfortable -Ever popular

We always have an excellent stock of Black Country saddles, if you are insure of the model call us and we can help.

Based in Walsall, not mass produced using only quality British materials, from the initial stages of the wood laminated Spring Trees complete with 10 year manufacturers guarantee to 100% pure wool flocking, English leathers and skilled craftsmanship.

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Dressage Saddles

There is a large range of styles to suit all riders and horses:-

The Adelina has close contact flaps allowing for greater communication between horse and rider.

The Bellissima has a self-adjusting Girth System, by adding an additional web point to the tree, this helps to stabilizes the balance and the swing allows the billet to find the most natural girthing line.

The Cavalina has a low cantle design helping to create balance in the saddle and suited to young riders who like more freedom in the seat.

The eden lends itself to ‘dipped backed’ horses, helping to maximise the weight distribution. This is reflected in the deep seat, giving far more security and encouraging a long, classically correct leg position. The narrow twist of this saddle is also a favourite.

The Eloquence is the most popular dressage model in this range for whatever level you are riding in. It offers a medium deep seat, giving stability without restriction and excellent centre of balance. Knee rolls are of medium depth

The Kur features a lower cantle, giving a flatter seat than most dressage saddles which allows the rider more freedom in the seat if preferred.

The Optima’s key features include a knee-roll which can be placed to an exact position for the rider allowing greater flexibility whilst still giving maximum support.

General purpose saddle

There are 3 main  GP style to suit all riders and horses:-

The GP Event saddle is our most widely distributed general/all purpose saddle. Whether riding for pleasure or combining flatwork and jumping the GP Event will accommodate it all. Thigh blocks come as standard to help position your leg.

The GPD is the most versatile general purpose saddle. The main feature of the GPD is the straight-cut flap which aligns well cosmetically as a show saddle and also provides support when riding dressage.

The GPX is our foundation all purpose saddle lending itself to a multitude of disciplines a popular choice for taller riders. It features a medium depth seat as do all saddles in the GP range though it has a slightly more forward knee position than the GP Event, allowing a longer hip-to-knee measurement for the taller rider.

Jump Saddles

There is a large range of styles to suit all riders and horses:-

The Maelstrom is a saddle for those who really dress to impress, this is a no expenses spared wool flocked close contact jumping saddle complete with all the finer details.

The Quantum Jumping saddle is built on a close contact tree and panel, it gives a flatter seat required for stadium or cross country jumping. Knee and thigh blocks to support your position.

The Ricochet is an amalgamation of our two most popular jumping saddles; the Quantum and the Wexford. It has a low profile square cantled seat and an aesthetic continental close-contact look – so sought after in the jumping world especially with the Hunter-Jumpers.

The Solare offers excellent value for money a close contact saddle and a forward-fitting seat that allows freedom of movement.

The Wexford is a deep-seated jumping saddle, similar to the GP range, though offering a wider seat for comfort than most traditional jump saddles.

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Black Country Saddles saddles are one of the go to saddles in UK.  However, if you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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