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A Guide to Saddle Types

Whether you're a dressage devotee, a jumping enthusiast, or simply enjoy leisurely rides, our extensive collection caters to every equestrian need. From finely crafted Dressage Saddles and dynamic Jump Saddles to versatile Pony and General Purpose (GP) Saddles, each piece in our range is meticulously selected to ensure top quality. We also specialise in Adjustable Gullet Saddles, offering customised comfort for your equine partner. Discover the perfect saddle to elevate your riding experience.

Dressage Saddle

Designed to support the rider in a longer leg position with long flaps, prominent knee block and deeper seat.

  • Allows the rider to lengthen their stirrups with extended supportive knee blocks 
  • Available as both dual and mono flap 
  • Deep seated

See available Dressage Saddles

Jump Saddles

Supporting the rider in a shorter leg position with shorter flap length but much more forward cut with knee blocks. As a result the cantle is square and often flatter in the seat than a General Purpose (GP) saddle.

  • More forward cut 
  • Provides freedom for the horses shoulder
  • Allows riders to shorten their saddles and maintain a balanced position over fences 

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Pony Saddles

A pony saddle is specially developed to give young riders a very comfortable and supportive seat for confidence in the saddle.

  • Designed specifically with the pony's size and conformation in mind
  • Increased safety for the young rider

See available Pony Saddles

General Purpose (GP) Saddles

For riders who like to do a bit of everything. Hence, the flaps are forward cut enough for jumping whilst being long enough for schooling and flatwork.

  • Suitable for so a number of activities – hacking, hunting, fun rides, low level jumping, riding club etc. 
  • Also know as All Purpose saddles 

See available General Purpose Saddles

Adjustable Gullet Saddles

Most adjustable saddles involve interchangeable steel gullet plates, which are sold separately or in complete sets. In addition, the saddles are opened horizontally at the pommel area to allow access to the tree. View our HOW TO guide to change a gullet on a Bates or Wintec saddle.

  • Allows you to adjust the width of the saddle to fit your horse perfectly

See available Adjustable Gullet Saddles

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