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Sheepham Saddles

Used and Second Hand Pony Saddles

We have a wide range of high quality used pony saddles available to buy with out 5 day trial (UK Only) simply pay a £10 admin fee and the postage to ensure that you get a saddle that fits the pony and does not cause discomfort or pain.

Aside from the height (poines are 14.2 hands or under) crucially Ponies tend to have a different conformation to horses, thier bone and muscle structure errs on the small but mighty! Basically ponies are stronger for their size than horses.

A Ponies’ body structure is rounder barrel shaped with a wide chest and rib cage. As their size is smaller, they are short-bodied. Horses have a leaner body with more elegant proportions. Taking this all into account apony saddleis specially developed to give young riders a very comfortable and supportive seat for confidence in the saddle whether training, jumping, dressage or simply hacking out.

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