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Sheepham Saddles

Packaging Guide

How to package your saddle to send to us:

There is no need to purchase a new box to send us your saddle you can re use a box providing it is in good condition, heavy duty and of a suitable size. Boxes designed to hold a large volume of light products such as crisps will not stand up to supporting the weight of a saddle and must not be used.

We suggest contacting your local feed merchant for a strong box alternatively home removal companies may sell heavy duty boxes

The saddle will need to be wrapped in an generous supply of bubble wrap to protect it in transit taking particular care when covering the pommel and cantle area.

Place the saddle carefully into the box, making sure the box is big enough to accommodate the saddle you are sending to us.

 Extreme care must to be take not to distort the shape of the saddle by cramming it in to a box that is either the wrong shape or purely too small as this can result in damage to the tree of the saddle.

Once the saddle has been carefully placed in the box it is important to support the saddle, this will help the saddle keep its natural shape and from moving about in the box, an ample supply of screwed up news paper works very, extra padding to the cantle is also a good idea.

Last but not least, the box needs to be securely fastened using a good quality strong parcel tape. Please make sure the box is secured in one continues round of tape, covering seams in both directions all the way round the box and not just the top of the box.

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