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Albion saddles are our most popular secondhand or used saddles and here’s why…

Albion Saddles are one of the leading manufacturers of quality English saddles and have been developing top quality saddles for over 25 years so they really know their stuff!

All saddles are made using quality leather with wool flocking and there is huge range of saddles to suit most horse and rider combinations.  So, whether you are looking for a high end, fancy dressage saddle or an everyday GP saddle, they have one for you.

Albion K2 Jump Saddle

The first K2 jump saddle was available in 2000 and was an instant hit.  It was updated in 2014 with a new modern style, adding more stitching over the knee roll for an aesthetic appeal while keeping it similar to the original.

The K2 jump offers the rider a slightly deeper, super soft seat with an incredibly supportive leg position so whether you’re going XC, show jumping or out for a day’s hunting you’re going to feel super safe and supported in this saddle.

The real beauty of the Albion K2 is the tree…

Saddles made since 2013 are built on the Albion Adjusta tree – believed to be the first precision engineered adjustable wooden saddle tree, these can be altered up and down 2 width sizes by an approved Albion fitter without damage or distortion to the headplates or rivets of the tree assembly.

All saddles manufactured as a Medium fit and narrower are built on the Thoroughbred Tree which is more angled in the rails to suit sloping toplines whilst any manufactured as a MM upwards in width are on the Warmblood Tree, flatter through the rails and more suited to a flatter wither and back profile.  Of course, there are also flat and hoop trees that can be specifically ordered.

You can tell if your saddle is on the adjusta tree by looking at the stamp which can be located on the left side flap, under the girth straps. The stamp will tell you the seat size, width, and model along with the serial number. So, if you are not sure how to read the stamp you can contact the extremely helpful Albion team who will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

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Albion saddles are our most popular secondhand saddle and one of our favourites. Secondhand and used Albion K2 jump saddles are a sound investment as they hold their second hand value well.  If you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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