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One of the go to used saddles in UK and here’s a little guide…

First of all Ideal saddles range from £425-£645 (2021 prices) brand new

Ideal Saddle Company is one of the largest manufacturers of all leather saddles on wooden saddle trees in the world, offering an extensive range of dressage, show jumping, eventing and showing styles. – HERE

Ideal – Impala Saddle

Probably the best known Ideal saddle, the Impala is a modern single flap saddle has been developed in conjunction with top riders for  closeness to the horse but without compromising on fit, and has a close contact panel.

Technical & Traditional (T&T) Adjustable Saddles

This new ‘next generation’ of adjustable saddle design has all the benefits of Ideal’s quality leather and extraordinary attention to detail, combined with its new Ergonomic Gullet Plates (EGP) system, to ensure that each saddle is tailored for you and your horse.

Material the Saddles Are Made Of

This depends on the range of Thorowgood saddle. The T4 range of saddles are fully synthetic with the exception of a suede seat.The T8 range of saddles are both synthetic, and leather, with the seat and knee rolls being made of leather.

Saddles in the Thorowgood Range

  • T4 Cob Dressage -Dressage
  • T4 Dressage – Dressage
  • T8 Dressage – Dressage
  • T4 High Wither Dressage – Dressage
  • T8 High Wither Dressage – Dressage
  • T8 Dressage Low Profile – Dressage
  • T8 Dressage with surface mounted block – Dressage
  • T8 Dressage with surface mounted block High Wither – Dressage
  • T8 Dressage with surface mounted block Low Profile – Dressage
  • T8 Endurance – Endurance
  • T4 Cob GP – GP
  • T8 Cob GP – GP
  • T4 Compact GP – GP
  • T4 Compact GP High Wither – GP
  • T8 High Wither GP – GP
  • T4 Original GP – GP
  • T4 Original GP High Wither – GP
  • T8 Original GP – GP
  • T8 Jump – Jumping
  • T8 Pony Jump – Jumping
  • T4 Pony – Pony

Adjustable Saddles

The T4, T8, and all the latest models of Thorowgood saddles feature adjustable gullet bar. However, some older models are not adjustable.

  • Green- Narrow/Medium
  • Black- Medium
  • Blue- Medium/Wide
  • Red- Wide
  • Orange- Wide/Extra Wide
  • White- Extra Wide
  • Yellow- Extra Wide/Extra, Extra Wide
  • Grey- Extra, Extra Wide (S-bar only)

Browse our quality second hand used Ideal saddles

Ideal saddles are one of the go to saddles in UK. Secondhand and used Adjustable saddles are a sound investment as they hold their second hand value well.  If you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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