Used Kent and Masters Saddles

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Used Kent and Masters Saddles



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Used Kent and Masters Saddles

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Used Kent and Masters Saddles

Kent & Masters Saddles

One of the go to used saddles in UK and here’s a little guide…

Kent & Masters is a British saddle manufacturer that dominates the equestrian market. K&M saddles are suitable for a wide range of horses. From the high, to low withered, to flat backed. When it comes to size, type, and shape, these 2 brands offer true versatility throughout their ranges.

Material the Kent & Masters Saddles Made Of

All saddles are made of pure leather

Range of K&M Saddles

  • Original Dressage – Dressage
  • S-Series Dressage Moveable Block – Dressage
  • S-Series Dressage Surface Block – Dressage
  • Original Cob GP – GP
  • Original Flat-Back GP- GP
  • Original GP – GP
  • S-Series Compact GP – GP
  • S-Series Universal GP – GP
  • S-Series Universal GPD – GP
  • S-Series Jump – Jump
  • S-Series Pony Jump – Jump/Pony
  • Pony Club – Pony
  • Pony Club Long Leg – Pony

Adjustable K&M Saddles

All ranges feature adjustable gullet bars and come in a range of sizes including:

  • Green- Narrow/Medium
  • Black- Medium
  • Blue- Medium/Wide
  • Red- Wide
  • Orange- Wide/Extra Wide
  • White- Extra Wide
  • Yellow- Extra Wide/Extra, Extra Wide
  • Grey- Extra, Extra Wide (S-bar only

For further information visit their website HERE

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Kent & Masters saddles are one of the go to saddles in UK. Secondhand and used Adjustable saddles are a sound investment as they hold their second hand value well.  If you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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