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  • Extend your own stock range  – with over 200 saddles in stock and many adjustables you can be sure we will have a slection of saddles for your customers.
  • Sell your stock – if you have stock that is too specialised or has been hanging around gathering dust why not let us sell them for you?
  • Help your customers sell unwanted saddles – if you do not want to exchange saddles with your customer, get them to contact us and 9 times out of 10 we should be able to stock and sell their saddle.
  • Fitting enquiries emailed from our popular “Saddle Fitter Booking form” – receive emails from our customers requiring their saddles to be professionally fitted in your area.
  • FREE listing on Sheepham saddles website – have a free listing in our Saddle Fitter directory (coming soon).


  • Any 4 saddles can be taken on trial at any one time.
  • Extended trial period of 7 days.
  • Only pay for the saddles when you have sold them (no deposit required)
  • All shipping charges are the responsibility of Saddle Fitter and the fees per order are £19.99 for up to 2 saddles and £29.99 for up to 4 saddles. The fee covers both outwood bound any return to Sheepham after the 7 days if unsold.
  • Your account is billable at the end of every month or when a saddle is sold with payment by return.
  • The trade Account is by invitation only and we reserve the right to withdraw the credit at any time
  • It is the Saddle fitters responsibility to return the saddles in the same condition they arrived in and are liable for any damage.

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