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Sell your secondhand Saddle

To sell your Saddle fill in the form below

  • Find seat size info here
  • Find width info here.
  • Please read this information on condition


    The saddle must be 100% defect free including, but not limited to fading,water or mould damage,scratches or scuffs. Only minor creasing on girth straps and light marks on the saddle flap from stirrup leathers are acceptable for this category.


    The saddle may have had reasonable use as long as it has been well cared for.

    None of the following is accepted;

    • Loose or worn stitching
    • Deep scratches or scuffs
    • Repairs (other than professional restitching)
    • Thinning of leather (especially the seat area and bottom of saddle flap)
    • Stretched girth straps
    • Wrinkling in the seat area
    • Cracking or crazing in the leather
    • Rips, tears or splits
    Any of the following must be have a detailed description and clear photographs where possible;
    • Fading
    • Light scuffs and scratches
    • Uneven or lumpy flocking
    • Stains or bald areas on suede saddles
    • Missing resin/ colour form one or more of the makers pins on the pommel

    Signs of wear

    This is the Category for any saddle that has,wear,damage or imperfections that doesn’t allow it to fall into either of the other two categories, any defect that is responsible for the saddle being in this category must be described and clear pictures must be submitted where possible.

  • Please add more specific detail on the condition
  • Please refer to this guide to see the photos we require.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.

    Saddle Selling Options

    If you have made the decision to sell your saddle there are a couple of things you need to consider;

    • How quickly do you need the saddle sold?
    • How much time and effort are you willing to put in?
    • Do you want to deal with the advertising?

    Sheepham Saddles offer three different hassle-free and easy options to selling unwanted and surplus saddles.

    For customers who need a speedy sale, Sheepham Saddles are able to purchase your saddle directly from you, freeing up funds straight away. However if you are looking for the highest possible price we suggest you try selling the saddle privately first should you have the time and resources available. Alternatively you could look into our sale on commission option.

    If your require funds from an existing saddle before purchasing another then our Part Exchange option may suit you. We are happy to take certain saddles in part exchange against any of ours and are often able to offer more than our Outright Purchase price.

    If a quick sale isn’t crucial and you are happy to hold out for a better price then selling with us on our Commission basis starting from 15% might be the right choice for you.

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