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Optimum Performance Saddles

Made in Devon and hugely popular at Sheepham Saddles and here’s a little guide…

Optimum performance saddles are made in Devon and hugely popular here at Sheepham Saddles al well as the West country. Here is a bit more information on them

The range of saddles has been developed over the forty plus years by Master Saddler Nathaniel Underwood since he signed up to serve his apprenticeship in 1976.

During this time, the current designs have evolved to combine the best of traditional British craftsmanship whilst incorporating new developments in material technology and ergonomic design. As a result, Nathaniel Underwood is recognised as one of the most experienced saddle fitters in the UK.

Nathaniel retired in 2018 and Optimum performance saddles were taken over by Elly Pitts who worked alongside Nathaniel full time until his retirement. Above all, Nathaniel and Elly have personally designed a range of saddles to suit all disciplines.

Optimum Performance Saddles are hand crafted from the finest quality materials, ooze style and are incredibly comfortable for horse and rider, giving you hours in the saddle! In colclusion, here are just a few examples of their saddles.

A semi-shallow seat with wool flocked panels. Therefore, allowing the rider close contact feel while providing maximum comfort for the horse. In addition, surface knee and thigh blocks to provide a close contact monoflap style feel whist still having a dual flap saddle. Moreover, there is also Velcro knee and thigh blocks under the flap for additional security if required. In short, Optimum Perfomance Saddles are stylish and eye-catching leather design.

A versatile saddle that has a medium depth, well balanced seat allowing the rider to alter their position depending on the type of riding required. Therefore,  a saddle that’s suitable for a range of activities, for a rider that wants to do a little bit of everything!

These Dressage saddles offer an excellent security for the rider with their deep central seat position. As a result, they are built on open head trees which allows the horse greater freedom of movement. In addition, the saddles can come with different trees to suit different conformations.

You can get them in dual flap or Monoflap, with Velcro of fixed knee blocks. Not sure what knee blocks you need? Click here

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Optimum Performance saddles are one of the go to saddles in UK.  However, if you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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