Prestige X Advanced Monoflap Jump Saddle 17.5″ M -#SC884#


Black 17.5″ Leather Prestige X Advanced Jump Saddle M (33cm) Fit

Model: X Advanced Monoflap Jump

Stamped 1833 – These saddles are not made in half inch intervals, therefore we would class this saddle as more of a 17.5″

The X-Advanced is a single flap saddle designed and devised for Cross Country riding. It offers the rider maximum freedom of movement throughout the entire time they are airborne when jumping.  Nor is the cantle ever a bother to riders when they return to the ground.  The saddle offers an excellent contact thanks to its narrow twist. The front rolls are anatomically shaped and located on the panels, providing riders with ideal support and the maximum safety.

The X-Advanced saddle was designed basing on X technology. The panels are filled with a particular material of honeycomb’s structure, which is soft and at the same time splendidly fulfills empty spaces. Thanks to its application, the saddle provides full ease of a horse’s movement in the point of shoulders’ area.

The gussets made from damask leather on the stirrup leathers and the area between panels make the saddle look original and elegant.

RRP: £3,024.00

In Excellent Condition – minor scuffs to the cantle, see pictures



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