#SC1189# Brown 17.5″ Italian Leather Equipe M 2 Fit EK26 Carbon Special Jump Saddle – USED



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Brown 17.5″ Italian Leather Equipe M 2 Fit Jump Saddle

Model: EK26 Carbon Special

Serial No: 17.5N12410216

The EK26 saddle is built with a new carbon tree which has many important characteristics such as flexibility, softness, non-deformability, lightness and manufacturing precision. Thanks to the advanced technology deployed and to the adaptability of carbon combined with Kevlar, its structure offers excellent versatility and personalisation. The end result is a tree that precisely follows the morphology/shape of the horse, while the deepness of the seat allows the rider to find the most natural and suitable position to achieve perfect harmony with the horses movement in any situation with no restrictions.

Flaps are proportionate and have the correct inclination to allow continuous functionality of the seat. Knee blocks are in a position to allow the leg to be elastic but stable allowing the rider to follow the movements in a secure position.

EK26’s E-Shape panels adapt perfectly to the contact surface of the horses back through a method of body heat. They allow uniform support of the saddle and correct weight and pressure distribution on the horses back. After use the panels return to their original shape when not in use. The material used in the new Equipe saddle panels is non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are sealed and insulated making them immune to the negative aspects of heat changes such as sweat. The material is used for its technical specifications and for its qualities recognised in the medical field as well, where it has proved valuable in aiding blood circulation and therefore counteracting problems deriving from decubitus ulcers. E-Shape does not contain latex rubber and is not subject to mould.

The innovative manufacturing concepts, choice of technically advanced materials and production techniques, together with being able to personalise and guarantee improved contact between horse and rider is clearly a winning formulation. For the rider every small aid is clearly transmitted to the horse giving them precision riding at every stride.

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