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Fairfax Gareth Dressage Saddle 18" Adjustable Black

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Fairfax Gareth Dressage Saddle 18" Adjustable Black

Black 18″ English Leather Fairfax Adjustable Gullet Dressage Saddle – USED

Model: Gareth

  • Developed with 2014 WEG team silver medalist Gareth Hughes to enable the rider to feel a closer connection with their horse
  • The seat is precisely formed to align the rider more forwards and ‘in’ over the horse’s centre of balance, so allowing the horse to move more freely behind
  • Surface mounted thigh blocks specifically designed to give the rider greatly enhanced support without restricting their position
  • Wool flocked panels with velcro closure along the length of the panel and two flocking slots to enable the flocking to be quickly and easily adjusted
  • ​Triple billet system providing girthing options both on and off the point to be used with the slimline self-levelling balance strap
  • Mono flap design with the surface mounted thigh rolls provide both closeness and support

RRP: £2850.00

In Very Good Condition - light nicks to cantle and signs of wear from leathers, see pictures

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