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Fairfax Classic XC Monoflap 17.5" Adjustable Brown

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Fairfax Classic XC Monoflap 17.5" Adjustable Brown

Brown 17.5" English Leather Fairfax Adjustable Gullet Monoflap XC Saddle - USED

Model: Classic Monoflap XC Small Block

  • Flocked panels
  • Monoflap saddle specifically designed for the competitive cross-country rider looking to achieve a close contact with their horse
  • Precisely aligned seat to balance the rider over the fence and enable a close contact feel with the horse
  • Billet placement providing four girthing options to fine-tune the fit to the horse’s shape and movement
  • Luxurious double-oiled butt leather
  • Super-soft full grain hide on the seat
  • Cushioned knee blocks to provide optimum support and stability over the fence and on the flat
  • Takes the R Bar gullets from NM to XW

In Very Good Condition - some marks from leathers and small hole to thigh block on right hand side, see pictures

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