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Fairfax Andrew Hoy XC 17.5" Adjustable Brown

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Fairfax Andrew Hoy XC 17.5" Adjustable Brown

Brown 17.5″ English Leather Fairfax Adjustable Gullet Monoflap XC Saddle – USED

Model: Andrew Hoy 

  • Wool flocked panels
  • Four girthing options to fine-tune the fit to your horse’s shape and movement
  • Features the performance panel which allows the shoulder independence of movement.  Scientific testing shows that this improves the horses limb extension, joint flexion and gait symmetry
  • Two sets of adjustable shoulder blocks to fine tune the fit for horses with asymetrical shoulders allowing the rider to sit squarely while allowing the horse to move freely underneath, building up muscle without restriction
  • Adjustable and moveable knee blocks under the flap offer custom-made support for riders with shorter legs. Longer legged riders can remove the block to create more room and bring them closer to their horse

RRP: £2850.00

In Immaculate Condition - see pictures


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