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CWD SE25 Jump Saddle 17" M Black

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CWD SE25 Jump Saddle 17" M Black

Black 17" Calfskin Leather CWD M Fit Jump Saddle - USED

Model: SE25

  • Carbon fibre tree forming a backbone integrated into the non-structrural componets
  • The tree features rigid parts such as the arch to avoid pressure on the withers with more flexible parts to follow the horses movements
  • Stirrup bars and seat directly inserted into the frame offering closer contact and ensuring pressure is better distributed on the horses back
  • Wider opening of the tree offers better distribution of pressure on the horse's back, allowing the horse to be free when jumping
  • This innovative saddle tree offers optimum close contact thanks to its shape, but also avoids excess thickness by integrating the saddle parts directly into the tree
  • A top quality jump saddle
  • The serial number on this saddle is faded and can not be fully read

RRP: £5,100.00

In Excellent Condition - scuff marks to cantle and wear from leather, see pictures

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