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Amerigo Pasubio Dressage Saddle 17" M+2 Brown

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Amerigo Pasubio Dressage Saddle 17" M+2 Brown

Brown 17" Calfskin Leather Amerigo M+2 Fit Dressage Saddle - USED

Model: Pasubio Pinerolo

  • The new Pasubio dressage model has been specially created for horses with short backs, on which there is not much space for the rider.
  • It has an extra wide gullet to accommodate horses that are wider through the withers
  • The innovative Multifunctional Panel System (MPS) is used for all Amerigo saddles and is a unique mixture of synthetic fibres that respond to warmth to ensure a perfect fit
  • The absence of any 'ends’ or pre formed stitching on the horse with the panels blending out away from the horse, and becoming flatter and wider with use, means that they offer a very precise and individual fit, even if used on many horses

RRP: £4420.00

In Excellent Condition - scratch to seat and small nick to cantle, see pictures

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