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Harry Dabbs Saddles

Harry Dabbs Saddles

Super stylish, quality close contact sytle saddle

Based in Walsall, Harry Dabbs saddles have been making stylish saddles for over 40 years. At Sheepham saddles, we love Harry Dabbs saddles for their high quality build and their close contact feel and we always have quite a few in stock.

Harry Dabbs Performance Panels

  • Models with the performance panel designed to leave the back a fraction sooner keeping the lumbar region free and enabling the horse to move more freely.
  • Performance panel also frees up the trapezius muscle to aid forelimb movement – excellent for horses with big shoulders

Harry Dabbs focus on using the right tree shape for your horse, manufacturing a large selection of laminated Spring trees to suit the majority of horse breeds and types from Native cobs to Thoroughbreds. Every tree is guaranteed by Harry Dabbs for the life of the saddle.

There is a choice of panels for the dressage saddles – Traditional or Performance. Both provide freedom of the trapezius muscle while the popular performance panel is designed to leave the horse’s back a fraction sooner than a traditional panel.

With 3 sytles of dressage saddles to choose from –


ingle flap dressage saddle which enables the rider to gain close contact and connection with the horse.

The deep seat and well placed medium size knee rolls provide maximum support and comfort while allowing the rider the freedom to execute correct and effective aids.

The Mariella is finished in warm Italian calf leather for a truly luxury feel.


A new design from the Platinum range boasts a deep seat and a choice of supportive knee blocks which enable the rider to find the perfect balanced position.


The Harry Dabbs original dressage saddle with a double sweat flap and made from a variety of trees.

The stylish GP saddles have soft seats and supportive knee pads to aid rider comfort and control.

All jump saddles are now fitted with the performance panel as standard offering maximum comfort and freedom for the horse to excel in the Jumping arena.

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Harry Dabbs Saddles are one of the go to saddles in UK.  However, if you cannot find the saddle you are looking for please go to our new SADDLE FINDER service.

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